Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Wish

Everybody has a wish...I also do
But I am scared to make a wish
I am scared not to get peace
Peace of mind is what people wish for
They forget about reality and shut their eyes for
A dream, for a wish, for their lone soul
They forget that dreams aren't meant to be real
Wishes aren't meant to fulfill
Still they wish for their lone soul, still they forget about past hurts
No matter who you are, no matter what you get from life
You should dream to live and to move on
No matter your dreams don't get real
They don't become true like a soul you have, you need to move on
Do we live for others?Or do we live to dream for us?
Are we selfish like an ugly giant?
Or do they show a mirror to you everytime you make a wish?
You don't deserve to make a wish like this..Do a wish have any limitation?
How can I control on that?How can I make my mind upto real?
I like to fly to unknown, to undestined, to you my friend
I wish I would die before time like you...I wish to come to you
I miss you in every wish I make, I miss you in every thought you gave
This empty space can never be filled up, This wish can never be real..I know
Wish you could have heard to my lone soul, wish you could have heard to your friend
Be happy wherever you are, and stop making wishes for me
I don't want you to be dishearten like me, Wish to meet you a later soon

1 comment:

  1. Sanchari I guess wish & dream shouldnt come with any limitation as they have an indellible imprint on our ensuing future & if these things come with a limitation then many would die tommorrowas we all live for a better future.We dont have a proper control on our future because there are so many things out there and at any given point of time they can shatter your dream but then everyone of us dream about certain things depending upon our respective aspiration.