Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stress Vs Changes of Life

Hi Friends,

I started blogging few years back. I got deattached for sometime. Now again I wish to start as I feel it is the right place to share thoughts, frame and jumble with them, and probaly will start finding and providing signs of solutions of specific or generic problems.

One question is recurring my mind nowadays. How difficult it is to adjust for a guy or a girl after marriage?

They are by nature from different backgrounds which does not mean religion, caste or social segregation. Socio - economic background! Not really.Umm...Family! Not much different. Values and principles....should not be as the later is dependent on the earlier mentioned points, but still they face so difficult to think in their pair's way.
Do we have thought problem or we have very rigid thought process because we are getting married late these days for our so called pursue of career.

We have seen people getting together from different family background like Single parenting family, Both Parenting family, Joint Family, Nuclear Family, No parenting family, Adoptive parents Family, Multiple Guardians with parents family, Multiple Guardians without parents family etc. And probably never ending structures would come if I will consider siblings and cousins.Therefore the structure of the family decides how will you be dealing with others in your future relationships. On top of that if religion practices come it would act as garnish on your custard.

Custard is one of the easy made and popular dishes of english in India. Garnish on custard makes it beautiful but either makes it easier or difficult to digest. In any case, custard is difficult to digest because it is made in a concentrated form of milk, just like kheer or payesh in India. Any food in concentrated form requires matured stomach or digestive system  to digest and enjoy it. Very much symbolic with 'Marriage' I guess. Here I am contradicting above conclusion of getting married in younger age to getting married in matured ages which does not have any upper limit for Hollywood but it has a limit in middle class average potentials.

Marriage requires a matured couples to handle it or not. Or may be maturity has no relation with chronology. Maturity again depends on the exposures of  one's life or the intensity of intention of exploring of the one.

More to jumble upon..

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  1. Marriage is an extremely sceptic institution as of now. No double 95 out of 100 married couples lead extremely unhappy lives, though they may/may not want to expose their level of unhappiness.