Friday, May 6, 2016

Kiara: The Saviour

Life gives us many ways to empower our thought process. Mostly it is through our family and friends. Sometimes through strangers. That's a very funny word indeed 'The Stranger'. How can one define the word? Who is the stranger? Does he or she come for a while? or Stays lifelong. Is it necessary to be in non blood relation? Funny you know.

A person you think you know since birth can be a stranger suddenly. A person you know for the last 5 or 10 years can suddenly become a stranger. On the contrary, if you meet a person suddenly in a library or a social gathering or during your walking time you find that person very familiar. Precisely when you are just youself no judgements around.

Now the person who behaves strange, gives you some serious thought process with lot of insecurity which might be physical, financial or emotional, becomes stranger.

Priyadarshini was the apple of her dad's eye. Friends call her priya fondly. She was never  worried of anything in life. Free like a bird. Though her life wasn't like bed of roses still it was filled with trust, honesty, love, transparency and not a lot but a lot to her happiness. Her innocence of getting always right and honest was her strength and weakness both. It was her pride and principle both. She used to love that as it was taught by her father. She was a dreamer too. She used to believe in love, bonding, family, trust, friendship and belongingness. She could not be fake to anyone. Her innocence became her stubbornness gradually without her realization. She got into her own trap of principle.

She chose the love as her life partner. Soon after her marriage she found that she and her husband are very different from each other. She made up her mind with the differences. She gradually found it's not only the matter of difference, it's also the matter of trust. One mind blowing confession by her husband to her moved her belief from north to south. Still she made up her mind with the fact that he confessed. But somewhere the doubt was soiled and grew rapidly. In the midst of war of minds she found herself pregnant. The blessing she had been seeking for sometime, suddenly became like a curse to her. She made up her mind this time too. She realized that it has nothing to do with the little life in her. She happily became a mother of a beautiful baby girl. She named her Kiara.

A new chapter in her life unfolded. The hope she stopped hoping, the dreams she denied to dream, the laugh which disappeared, the smile faded away in miles started popping up in the corner of her doubtful mind. She again became blind in the love of her daughter kiara and she didn't realize that she is loosing her own existence. Nobody around her was there to make her realize that her existence still matter to them, until and unless her daughter cries for her mother. This time to she made up her mind and lived her life for her daughter Kiara.

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