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My Favourite Bengali Foods

As for the mango panna cotta, the semi-sourness of the fruit blends beautifully with the sweetness and creaminess of the panna cotta.

To a Bengali, Shukto needs no introduction!

And for others, who probably find a Bong's love affair with the bitter, a trifle eccentric or incomprehensible,
Shukto is a mixed vegetable stew with a predominantly bitter - sweet flavour. A traditional Bengali lunch meal begins with Shukto. Why? Frankly, I'm not too sure of why only at lunch, but regarding the bitter beginning....but maybe it has something to do with the Ayurvedic Six tastes

After years of grumbling about the food and this Daal in particular, it recently dawned on me that Mung Daal has now become a major part of my diet and I just love it! It is one of those dishes which goes great with rice, chapattis, or all by itself as a hearty soup. Mung Daal is so quick and easy to make that I can have it very often and the best part…I don’t get tired of it!

Yummmy french fries which is inevitable with Mung Daal and white rice (unflavored), is made of potatoes and salt to taste.

Another delicious recipe with poppy seeds (or posto as known in Bengali). Well the most popular of the posto recipes is Aloo Posto (Potatoes cooked in poppy seeds paste). Here is the recipe of Aloo Jhinge Posto (Potatoes and Ridgegourd cooked in poppy seeds paste).

Kalai-er dal is a dal made of split (skin removed) white Urad dal. The special about this dal is the use of fennel seed unlike other dal has the usual cumin seed or panch phoron(mixture of five different seeds) as tempering. this dal has two versions, both are awesomely tasty. One is with roasted dal and another without roasting. As urad dal is little slimy or slippery in texture, if you roast the dal before making it, the slimy texture will go away. I love both versions....

Begun Bhaja (Bengali Eggplant Fry

Muri Ghonto is one of the common bengali dish cooked with fish head and basmati rice.

Bengali fish fry is not really the everyday bengali fish fry. The everyday bengali fish fry is actually the maach bhaja, steak pieces of fish, smeared with salt and turmeric and fried golden in smoking mustard oil. The maach bhaja can be eaten on its own as a side with the dal.

Another combination of Luchi and Chholar Daal.
There are different ways of cooking this dal ... but
as it is usually made on festive occasions, there is
hardly any use of onion or garlic. Of course, you
can make it with spices/masalas too.

Bengali Chanar Dalna Recipe: Chanar Dalna is a delicious Bengali cuisine. It’s very testy and healthy for vegetarian people.

Another mind blowing combination in food I like,
Polao (flavored rice) and Maangsho (Meat curry).

Yummy Chicken Curry (Murgir Jhol)!

The reason Bengalis are hooked to Monsoon, as this is the only time when they get to see plenty of their favourite shiny silvery fish in the market. Yes am talking about Ilish or Hilsa, Benagal’s most favourite fish, which has a unique place in its culinary history and almost enjoys an iconic status.

TOPSE "( aka MANGO fish) in Bengal is a delicious sweet water fish. It is abunduntly available
in summer time when the mango is also available. The word TOPSE came from the Bengali word TAPAS which means SAGE.

Parshe Fish Curry, Sorsen diye parshe Maach

Tangra maacher jha
is a typical Bengali recipe. ‘Tangra’ is a type of fish (see photo).

This one is another rich and yummy preparation of Rohu Fish Curry / Rui Maccher Kalia

Tel Koi, Climbing Fish Curry....

Daab Chingri (Prawn prepared in coconut)

LauChingri / Shrimp and Gourd Curry

Bengali Sweet Dishes:-


The Kalakand is a Bengali sweet dish.

Chaler Payesh

Mishti Doi...

Malpui and Patishapta.........

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